The cat gave birth to kittens, after 8 days the owner noticed that there was more for one baby.

The man found himself in a situation where it was impossible to intervene in the process and had to accept a new family member.

Apparently, the puppy was thrown away from home, and the cat, by a barely audible squeak, found it and brought it home. The puppy was lucky, and such a glorious bell has grown. And it was the other way around for me – I brought a one-month-old kitten, and the dog accepted him and began to feed him, she even got milk, it just turned out to be a good moment – two months after estrus. She fed the cat for a month, and then she said “That’s it.” Dymka sighed and went to eat her porridge

We had a dog named Gina! she whelped, and after some time brought 4 kittens, blind, and fed her puppies and kittens! those who abandon children! Animals are wiser than soulless people who abuse animals! Who understands and helps animals kowtow to you kind people! God bless you all! All earthly blessings! Do not offend our beloved cats, dogs, help the abandoned ones survive!

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