Amazing animal rock formations, Natural rock helped with photoshop

Amazing animal rock formations, Natural rock helped with photoshop

Natural rock helped with photoshop

Another collection of Martijn Schrijver’s animals that mimic natural surroundings is astounding.

Mountains, hills, islands, and rock formations can all be found. Each transforms into an animal shape.


Thanks to Schrijver’s expert Photoshop work, they come to life.

One of the digital art apps that allows you to manipulate reality according to your thoughts.


These images have been edited. Having said that, how often do we see a familiar face or

recognizable form in a random arrangement of an object’s details?

Let’s begin this week with a bit of bizarre reality where the line separating the two realms is becoming increasingly blurred.

P.S. I gave the pictures titles.

Elephant town.


King kong island : This is in Sorrento, south of Italy

Turtle island: This is in Blue Grotto Malta

Dolphin kick snout


Chameleon island –

Lighthouse on the back of a sea turtle

Piranha hill.

Dog mountain

Wakanda mountain

Shark jaw island revenge

sleeping horse island

Mountain cat sleeping

The works mentioned above were created using Photoshop and the artist’s imagination and natural surroundings.

It demonstrates the artist’s superior analytical skills.

Thank for watching.

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