Demi Rose Rocks Cowgirl Look with Daring Bra Top and Dior Thigh-High Boots as She Takes on a Bucking Bronco in Ibiza [Exclusive PH๏τos]

September 18, 2023

Demi Rose has been busy taking part in Sєxy pH๏τoshoots while on holiday in Ibiza, but the model proved she’s not all work and no play.

The 25-year-old channelled her inner cowgirl on Monday night when she had a go at riding a Bucking Bronco.

She had a wild look in her eyes as she tackled the big bull, struggling to hold on as it tossed around.

She showed off her ample ᴀssets in a plunging bra top which she teamed with high-waisted leggings and Dior thigh-high boots.

She added a hat into the mix, which she wore to one side and carried a small leather bag in her hand.

Demi appeared in high spirits on the night as she pulled a series of animated expressions while hanging on for dear life.

Despite the prospect of two weeks behind closed doors upon her return to the UK – the result of тιԍнтening travel restrictions in the fight against COVID-19 – Demi stills seems to be smiling.

Spain had been among of a number of ‘air-bridge’ countries considered to be safe for quarantine-free travel, promoting many stars to book getaways, but a spike in coronavirus cases across the country has prompted a change in policy.

Taking to social media at the time, she lamented: ‘All I have with me is crochet stuff and ʙικιɴιs. I’m sick of wearing all the other stuff that I bought that is loungey.

‘What is your bet that this will be over in June, July, August… What do you think, like never? Corona really f**ed us up, really majorly f**ked us up.

‘I hope you’re all staying safe and me… I am meditating, I’m trying to read a lot of books. Me and Teddy are really bored. I really want corona to f**k off, honestly.’

The brunette beauty was catapulted to fame when she became romantically linked to Kylie Jenner’s ex, rapper Tyga.